5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mike Rann

Mike Rann was the Premier of South Australia between 2002 and 2011. He succeeded Lynn Arnold as the leader of South Australian Branch of Australian Labor Party. Throughout his life, he has held several important positions in South Australia, and his tenure as a Premier is one of the longest in the history of South Australia. Jay Weatherhill replaced Rann in the year 2011 when he resigned from the parliament.

Let us have a look at five interesting facts about Mike Rann.

1. He was born in England

Mike Rann was born on 5th of January 1953 in Sidcup, England. Rann’s father worked as an electrician, and his mother worked at an armament factory. In the year 1962, his family shifted to Mangakino in New Zealand and then to Birkenhead on the North Shore of Auckland.
Mike attended the Northcote College here and also completed his Master of Arts in Political Science at the University of Auckland. It was in the year 1977, when Mike was 24 that he went to Adelaide to meet his brother and later shifted to the city.

2. He was inspired by Premier Jon Dunstan’s idealism

After shifting to Adelaide, Mike Rann started working in the Industrial Democracy Unit of Premier Don Dunstan. He then worked as Dunstan’s speechwriter, adviser and press secretary. A South Australian commentator has stated that Mike was highly inspired by Premier Jon Dunstan’s idealism and sometimes also talked about being a Premier one day.

3. Mike Rann turned the table for South Australian Labor Party which was struggling in the Parliament

In the 1993 elections, the Labor Party lost the government because of the collapse of State Bank. Out of the 47 assembly seats, Labor Party was only able to win ten seats. Due to the majority of Liberals in the office, it was a widespread belief that the Labor Party would be out of the office for at least 3-4 terms.

Mike Rann took Labor Party’s leadership in the year 1994 and brought the party back into power in the year 2002 when he became the Premier. It was due to him that the party was able to rise above the low ebb and re-established itself as a natural South Australian government party.

4. Seven Network paid out-of-court settlement to Mike Rann in 2010

Sunday Night, a popular current affairs program of Seven Network aired a television interview in which Rann was alleged of having an affair with a waitress of Parliament house between 2004 and 2005. He called a press conference after the program and denied all the allegations. The matter was soon in court and Seven Network paid an out-of-court settlement along with an apology to Rann. A lot of Australians claim that it was this incident which led to the decline of Rann Government.

5. He was awarded the Global Champion of Climate Change Award by Exnora International

Throughout his career, Mike Rann has worked abundantly to protect and has been felicitated for his achievements several times. In the year 2010, Exnora International, an Indian environmental NGO awarded him the Global Champion of Climate Change Award for his extensive work in the field.

Mike Rann is one of the most influential persons of all time, and his government is abundantly responsible for the current economic stability in Southern Australia. Mike is now the CEO of Rann Strategy Group and is a member of King’s Commission for London.

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