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Premier, Professor, High Commissioner, Ambassador, and a Lot More: Mike Rann Biography
We often come across people who seem to have all the time in the world to get so many different things done while the majority of us are frazzled and struggling to keep up with our personal or professional lives. Being busy is not what success is. In the end, it will be about what you do and your achievements and not how busy you are.

And a perfect example of someone who has achieved so much in his life and played so many important roles in multiple countries is Mike Rann.

Born on 5th of January, 1953, in South-East London, Mike Rann was 9 when his family emigrated to New Zealand where he attended the Northcote College. He then attended the University of Auckland where he completed his Bachelor and Master of Arts in Political Science. Even as a university student, he was playing the role of Vice President of New Zealand’s Nuclear Disarmament Campaign as well as editor of Craccum, a student newspaper. After finishing the Masters at the University, Rann worked as a political journalist for New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation.

He visited his brother in Adelaide, Australia, when he was 24 and later shifted to the city to work with the Industrial Democracy Unit of Premier Don Dunstan. Later he worked as the press secretary, adviser and speechwriter for Don Dunstan. Once Don Dunstan retired from politics, Mike started working with Labor Premiers John Bannon and Des Corcoran. Rann’s ambition of being a Premier too ignited during these days.

In the year 1985, Rann was elected as Member for Safe Labor Seat in Parliament. Later in the 1989 election, he was elected as Minister for Employment and Further Education, Minister assisting Ethnic Affairs, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Minister of Youth Affairs. Once in Ministry, Rann established employment schemes, presided large expansions, established cooking and hospitality college, introduced legislation for establishing the University of South Australia, and did a lot more to help the masses.

After the 1993 election, Rann was elected as Deputy Opposition Leader under Lynn Arnold. Only after a few months, Arnold resigned, and Rann succeeded him as Parliamentary Opposition Leader in 1994. Rann continued as the Opposition Leader until 2002 when he was finally elected the Premier. And not just Premier, he was also the Minister for Economic Development, Minister for Arts, Minister for Social Inclusion, Minister for Sustainability and Climate Change.
To improve federal ties of the state, Australian Federation Council was established in the year 2006 and Mike Rann was appointed as its chairman. He was again elected as the Premier in 2006 and then again in the year 2010. He resigned from politics in the year 2012 but still continues to play several important roles, like a professor, visiting fellowship, Member of Council of Royal Institution Australia and the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

Mike Rann’s life seems almost unreal due to the number of important roles he has played in several countries. He is the most popular Premier till date and his whole life is what a successful political career looks like. He is now the CEO of Rann Strategy Group and is working as an advisor to Mayor of London.

Talk about people who can get so many things done and achieve so much in life and Mike Rann fits the mold effortlessly.

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