Biography – The Hon Mike Rann AC CNZM

Anyone born to a father who served in the El Alamein in World War ll will have experienced the harsh life of being separated from the family and the Dessert Rat is no exception with sometimes up to 5 years at war away from wife and children and in some instances forgetting what each other looks like when they come home, if they came home.

Mike RannThe Hon Mike Rann born 5th January 1953 in the U K lived with his father in South London until emigrating to New Zealand at the age of nine years. There is no doubt that compassion for people and environment comes from a conscious place of experiencing and witnessing the harsh reality of mans greed and imprints an urge to attend to mans needs. Later he would become Australia’s first Minister for social inclusion and climate change and appointed Chair of the ” Green Bank” by the federal government. Also a ┬ápermanent representative to the UN World Food Programme.
The young Mike attended the University of Auckland gaining a Bachelor and master of arts in political science, and was vice president of New Zealand Campaign for nuclear disarmament. He wrote speeches on and assisted in policy development for civil liberties, became a political journalist for New Zealand broadcasting corporation and joined the Labor Party Campaign.
Throughout history leaders have achieved despite being pulled down at every opportunity by the opposition who’s aim is to gain for themselves. But having core values and clarity of facts Mike Rann has achieved and been honoured for his contributions in all the ministerial roles he has taken on in his record breaking 17 years as the leader of the South Australian Labor Party.
Today The Hon Mike Rann is the CEO of Rann Strategy Group, based in London, Rome and Milan. He is a visiting Professor at the Policy Institute of Kings College London, offering corporate advice and functional expertise to help transform business, and solve some challenging issues in a global market dogged by political events and credit markets.