Everything You Should Know About Mike Rann

Born on 5th of January 1953, Michael David “Mike” Rann was 44th Premier of South Australia. He was the Premier from 2002 to 2011 and spent the 3rd longest time in office as the Premier. He is now the CEO of Rann Strategy Group which offers strategic advisory service to governments and business and is also a member of King’s Commission for London.
Let us have a look at some of the highlights of his political career.

Early Life

Mike Rann was born in England. His father was employed as an electrician, and his mother worked in an armaments factory. In the year 1962, his family moved to Mangakino in New Zealand. They later moved to Birkenhead where Mike attended the Northcote College and then the University of Auckland where he did his Bachelor and Masters of Arts in Political Science.
It was in the year 1977 that Mike visited his brother in Adelaide and moved to the city in the same year. In Adelaide, he was recruited for a position in the Industrial Democracy Unit of Premier Don Dustan. Later, he also served the Labor Premiers John Bannon and Des Corcoran.

Role in Parliament

In the year 1985, Mike Rann was elected as a Member for Safe Labor seat. In the 1989 election, he became the Minister for Employment and Further Education, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Minister of Youth Affairs and Assistant Minister for Ethnic Affairs.
In the 1993 election, the Labor party lost government and was only able to win 10 seats. Mike was then elected as the Deputy Opposition Leader under Lynn Arnold who resigned in 1994 and Mike succeeded him as the Opposition Leader.

Election as Premier

Until the 2002 election, Rann continued to be the Opposition leader in Parliament. After the deadlock between Labor and Liberal party which continued for a few months, he was then selected as the new Premier of South Australia. He was again selected as the Premier in the 2006 and 2010 election before he finally resigned in the year 2012.

After Resignation

Even after resignation from Parliament, Mike Rann was appointed as a Professor, visiting fellowship, a member of The Climate Group, and Council Member of Royal Institution Australia. He was also the Permanent Representative of Australia to UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

Personal Life

Mike Rann divorced his first wife, Jenny Russell, in the late 1990s. They have two children’s- Eleanor and David. In the year 2006, Mike married actress Sasha Carruozzo. In the year 2009, Mike’s personal life was the talk of the tabloids as Sunday Night, a popular current affairs program which claimed that Mike had an affair with a waitress in Parliament between 2004 and 2005.

Seven Networks, the channel which broadcasted Sunday Night paid an out-of-court settlement to Mike in the year 2010 along with an apology for the allegations.

Currently, Mike is the CEO of Rann Strategy Group and a member of King’s Commission for London. Throughout the South Australian history, Mike Rann has been one of the most popular Premiers and is responsible for several laws and establishments that are now abundantly helping the country.

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