The impact of the Political World vs the Finacial World

It is looking like another year where global credit markets are likely to depend on political events that are dominating and causing social unrest. It is a challenging time for business, and industry when the arm of uncertainty is being waved around.

It is a time more than ever to pull on experience and to articulate beliefs and values to clarify facts in a world dominated by hear say or some strategy that means nothing without precise and smooth execution from a commonsense attitude with great knowledge and memory for detail and considering environmental factors.
Mike Rann leader of the South Australian Labor Party for a record breaking 17 years, serving 26 years in parliament with 22 years spent on the front bench, was one of Australia’s most successful state Premiers between 2002 to 2011. During this time also serving  as Ministers for economic development, the arts, employment and further education, youth affairs and tourism. Being there at the beginning of policy creation for positive change for the World and it’s people.
He played a key role in establishing the New University of South Australia, The South Australian Youth Corps, and The South Australian Tourism Commission.
Mike Rann was also the first Minister for social inclusion and one of the World’s first for climate change.  Business can be ethical and still make a profit. Whilst Minister of Aboriginal Affairs he legislated to return sacred lands.
Bringing together a wealth of experience with global reach from policy development and think tank beginnings to positive out comes as said ” It’s a plan for the state, not just promises at each election”. A legacy built on economic achievements, achieving a triple A credit rating as well as it’s capacity to deliver infrastructure projects.
Offering Corporate advise, Market development and Government engagement to solve challenging business issues. Expertise in community projects, broad-ranging policy design and implementation and advancement of diplomatic trade and cultural relationships.

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