Mike Rann and his New Role as an Advisor to the Mayor of London

Mike Rann was born in England and moved to Adelaide when he was 10. Mike Rann was elected as the Premier of South Australia thrice and led the Labor Party for 17 years. He resigned from the office in the year 2011 and was replaced by Jay Weatherill as the New Premier. But even after resigning from the party, Rann maintained his loyalty to the ALP.

ALP was looking for a position for Mike Rann in which his wide network of contacts in Britain and US can be wielded, and in 2012, he was appointed as Australian High Commissioner to Britain to work on policies which can help London improve in the next two decades.

Appointment as Australian High Commissioner to Britain

It is believed that Mike Rann’s knowledge in economics and the fact that he was actually born in England and held three different professorial posts here made him the best contender. Moreover, he was also well-connected with both sides of politics in Britain, further worked in his favor. There has also been a very long tradition of appointing someone with the political background for this role, and Mike Rann with his illustrious political career is surely the best choice.

The Speculations

There was a wide-spread speculation about Rann being awarded an overseas posting after quitting the office. It was believed that he would replace the former minister of the Liberal party, Amanda Vanstone, as the Australian Ambassador to Italy as Mike’s wife has an Italian background.

There was also a belief that he would be appointed as the head of World Trade Organization, located in Geneva.

Mike Rann’s Job Role and Contribution to the Commission

As the Australian High Commissioner to Britain, his job will be to search for new ways that can help London improve and make it a more livable place. He will be reporting to the new Mayor Sadiq Khan about the same.

Lord Andrew Adonis will chair the Commission under which Mike Rann is appointed. Lord Adonis was the cabinet minister to Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in the past.

The commission will majorly focus on searching for ways with the help of which London can continue to be a leading financial capital of the world and how the increasing population can be provided with better health and transport services in the city.

Mike Rann’s Reaction to the Appointment

Media: After being appointed as the advisor to the Mayor of London, he told FairFax Magazine that he is delighted with the appointment.

In an interview, Mike Rann said that the commission would look into things needed to make London more connected, productive, cleaner, sustainable and inclusive.

With such an impressive political career in South Australia, this new role of being the Australian High Commissioner to Britain is certainly well-suited for Mike Rann and just like all his past positions; he will surely bring justice to his new role.

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